Friday, 22 April 2016

Sometimes, I love the internet

Yesterday, I posed a question and set up a Poll on this Blog entry.

In answer to my question - which magazine is older, The Lady or People's Friend, I received the following answer

I can provide a definitive answer for you. The first issue of the People's Friend was dated January 13, 1869 and it has been in continuous publication ever since, making it the oldest women's weekly magazine in the world. This claim has been verified by Guinness World Records. We have a complete archive of every issue ever published, and I'm delighted to be able to share the front cover of the very first issue with you. The "Friend" continues to thrive, selling over 200,000 copies every week. 
Angela Gilchrist, Editor-in-Chief, The People's Friend, 22/04/2016

The first edition of The Lady was issued on Feb 17th, 1885.

 ©  People's Friend archive

The first edition of The People's Friend appeared sixteen years earlier, on Janury 13th, 1869

The Wikipedia entry for the People's Friend could do with verification.

What surprised me even more, is that, with only three hours left,  voting in the Poll puts The People's Friend ahead of The Lady as the favourite of the two.