Saturday, 20 October 2012

I rarely get angry

When I do, it's best to stand clear. Anger at disgraceful customer service and incompetent (at best) or fraudulent trading from one of Tesco Direct's suppliers.

The saga of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone-that-never-was is ongoing and I am hundreds of pounds poorer with nothing to show for it.

  • ETA of ordered goods came and went - no sign of phone. 
  • No communication from PG explaining delay.
  • Status on Tesco Direct order page - to be dispatched.
Suspicion set in, so I Googled Purely Gadget reviews and was horrified by what I read. A catalogue of taking money for items that weren't in stock. Promising swift dispatch, then dragging feet over cancellation and refund.

Armed with that knowledge, I  contacted PG  by phone to cancel the order, refusing to accept 'I'll check with Warehouse for you'. Stuck to my guns and demanded cancellation and refund. Followed up the phone-call with email cancelling the order.

24 hours later, had a reply to the email offering 'freebies' to be 'more patient' and await imminent dispatch. Patience all gone, I refused the offer and confirmed cancellation and refund request. Email reply confirmed cancellation and promised refund would be in my account within 2-5 working days.

  • Five working days later, no refund appeared and Tesco Direct order page still showed 'awaiting dispatch'.
  • Submitted a Tesco Direct 'raise a claim' for refund and received a cancellation notification from TD with a promise that refund would be in my account within 5 working days.
  • Status on Tesco Direct order page showed 'cancelled'. I await the refund. 

Despite numerous complaints and poor reviews, these companies contimue to trade, offering goods which are not in stock (although they are marked as 'in stock' on the website) and, in my case, are not going to be in stock for the foreseeable future. Money is taken from buyer's accounts in the knowledge that the item is not available. This, surely, is not good trading procedure. Amazon, for example, does not debit the money from customer accounts until after the goods have been dispatched.

I need lots of calming tea - at frequent intervals.