Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Gridlock (or worse) in-waiting

1,120 cars trying to access the only route into/out of town, when the roads are already gridlocked at peak times. Drains that regularly flood due to high water table. Who decided this was a good plan? Oh, I know, the same group that has made such a mess of costly developments in the past.

The proposedl plans were for 85 dwellings comprising 6 apartment blocks to accommodate 75 x 1 and 2 bedroom apartments together with two terraces of 3 x 3 bed houses and 1 terrace of 4 x 3 bed houses; provision of 120 parking spaces, associated landscaping and vehicular access from Cambridge Road, Willian Road and Hampden Road following demolition of the existing college building.

MWNN and I went to the exhibition of the proposed plans and voiced our fears about vehicle access roads. We were assured that there would be no access onto the main road (Cambridge) from the site. 
I assumer that the 1,120 parking spaces, quoted in the Comet, is a typo. Even if it is, allowing cars access to the Cambridge road at this point, is asking for trouble.

As this map illustrates, the slip road that serves as parking for the parade of shops and garage sales, exits onto a blind bend just where the proposed access road meets the Cambridge Road. There are many 'near misses' and at least one fatal accident at this spot, as cars approach the traffic lights without slowing for the blind bend, Visibility at this proposed access road is further compromised by parked vehicles on the slip road/ delivery road.

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