Sunday, 5 August 2012

Team GB Olympic Kit

I've been re-thinking my original antipathy to Stella McCartney's designs for Team GB. Like many other people, I thought it was too blue and lacking in the red of the Union Jack.

Watching Team GB storming home to so many medals over the past week, I've come to admire the design. The de-constructed flag makes identification of Team GB athletes easy. It's stylish and  combines all the elements of the Union flag in a modern way, red used as accents on neck and arm  trims and shoe flashes - so fitting for the Games held on home ground in 2012.

Not so stylish were the track suits that introduced the team to the Olympic family at the Opening Ceremony. Again, many people blamed Stella McCartney for the team of Elvis lookalikes that entered the Olympic Stadium. The clothing chain Next was responsible for these garish garments which were at the opposite end of the design spectrum compared to Stella's stylish kit.